Shipping & Delivery Mode


Shipping Mode



1. Sea


Affordable, used for general items; except embargo and sensitive items **

2. Special Sea


Especially for sensitive goods shipping, except embargo items **

3. Economy Air


Economy / on time, used for general items except embargo and sensitive items **

4. Special Economy Air


Especially for sensitive goods shipping, except embargo items **

Note: The shipping duration is the estimated time (from Guangzhou warehouse to the customer door), the specific delivery time to customs / air clearance speed and local express service efficiency shall prevail.

 ** Please refer to info Embargoed items and sensitive items as below: 


A. The embargo Item (Prohibited Ship Item)

All packages of Oversea Platform (or other Chinese 3rd party merchants) may be inspected or scanned for embargo by customs clearance. If the goods are found to contain contraband, the package is drawn by the customs and cannot be transported. It is the responsibility of each customer to place an order to ensure that the goods ordered do not contain any embargo. We are not responsible for any loss resulting from the handling of these parcels or legal consequences by the Customs. Please refer to the icon for your pre-purchase considerations (avoid ordering contraband).

B. Special handling of goods package (sensitive items)

Sensitive commodity items: Batteries, liquids or food items are classified as sensitive items and are not suitable for certain shipping methods. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the sensitive package is purchased by the customer in the appropriate way of delivery. In general, we will review the order, the logistics procurement department will screen their own and strictly control which goods are sensitive projects. We provide two international modes of transport for such Sensitive Items: Special Sea and special Economy Courier.


The following is a description of the classification of sensitive items:


1) Glass / fragile

Contains glass ingredients or fragile items are also sensitive goods. We also intimate for the sensitive objects to provide a free wooden service, so that you have a glass or fragile goods protection. If you put glass or fragile goods as ordinary goods, items broken or damaged, the company will not make any compensation.

(Common items: cups, cutlery, vases, mirrors, decorations, picture frames)



2) Valuable Items

Valuables easily lead to theft, theft, robbery and so on. If you choose to buy such items, please put it as a sensitive thing, because the wooden packaging is more closely, will reduce the probability of loss. Also do not forget to buy insurance for such goods, if the transport lost halfway, the insurance will be fully compensated.

(Common items: high-end goods, high-level art and decorations / jewelry, expensive accessories and so on)



3) Containing liquid items

All liquid items that contain liquid are listed as sensitive goods.

For example, the pencil is a general cargo, but the pen is a sensitive goods, mainly pen is liquid. For example, the phone shell should be a general cargo, but some phone shell with liquid decoration, then this phone shell is sensitive goods.

(Common items: pen, liquid decoration phone shell, drink, perfume)



4) Containing magnet objects

Such as Stationery, kitchen, and music and other goods once the magnet or pure magnet is all sensitive goods. In addition to the general sound, or the music of the goods, all contain magnetic, there is a lot of stationery and kitchen appliances also contain magnets.

(Common items: message magnet stickers, magnetic nails, bendable magnet ruler, magnetic rubbing board, refrigerator magnet stickers, headphones, radio, audio, music box)



5) Contains battery items

The battery is one of the sensitive goods, or built-in batteries of goods are sensitive goods, mainly because a lot of time buyers will be unaware of the situation, the seller gave the battery or the seller forgot to draw the battery up.

(Common items: watches, rechargeable treasure, children's toys, computers, mosquitoes, flashlights)



6) A branded or imitation brand of goods

Generally we are familiar with the international brand, whether genuine or imitation brand, are sensitive.

(For example: ADIDAS, NIKE, HUAWEI, LINING, millet, HELLO KITTY, TSUM TSUM and others)



7) Electrical appliances containing motors

Almost all of the electrical appliances are sensitive goods, because it contains a motor, as long as the plug or install the battery, it will turn or move the electrical appliances, is [sensitive goods] Oh.

(Common items: fan, clock, hair dryer, juice machine, sweeping machine, rice cooker)



8) Items containing powder

All powdered goods, be it, food, supplies, cosmetics, medicines, or internal and external apply are all sensitive goods. But here refers to the senses refers to the various colors of the powder, remember that the white powder is [contraband]

(Common products: powder mask, powdery collagen, blush, soy flour, milk powder, powder)



9) Rub the goods on the body

His face rub, who painted, are all sensitive goods. For example: cosmetics, toothpaste and drugs and so on.

(Common items: lipstick, foundation, toothpaste, sunscreen, ointment, mask, face cream, make-up products, etc)



10) Contains electronic chip products

Generally, electronic wafers containing electronic wafers, or electrical appliances containing electronic wafers, are sensitive. Usually in the 3C products, digital products or electrical appliances in the majority, in addition to daily necessities also have electronic chips, for example, electronic thermometer, children early education machine, toys, kitchen electronic scales.

(Common items: computer, pendrive, hard disk, SD card memory card, driving recorder, navigation)



11) There are commodities that are involved in religion

Involving the religious goods, customs generally will be more strict investigation

So it involves religious books, supplies, clothing and props, etc., are required to take the sensitive pipeline

(Common items: Religious class, political class, race and other domestic sensitive subject books. Of course, if it involves insulting religion, cults and so on are prohibited)



12) Food and Medicine

All food is sensitive, snacks, beverages, dry food, seafood, scallops, oysters dry all food, regardless of the drink to eat there are drugs, are sensitive goods. In addition, food only dry food only, fresh vegetables such as vegetables, fruits, etc. can not be arranged by air courier Oh!

(Common items: fruits and vegetables seeds, tea, snacks, dried fruit, pills, syrup, health food, health drugs, etc)



13) CD & DVD

Because it involves copyright issues, all CDs, packages CD, DVD, VCD are all sensitive goods.

(Common items: album, movie)



14) Fun/ Sex Toy supplies

All sex toys are sensitive

(Common items: vibrating rods, condoms, inflatable dolls, sexual organs imitation products)



15) Contains a blade or tool item

Including the blade products, whether it is stationery, kitchen utensils, personal care are all classified as sensitive. There are household tools kitchen utensils, such as kitchen knife, sharpeners are sensitive, it is recommended to choose sensitive shipping.

As for weapons such as: model steel knife, sword is [contraband]

(Common items: kitchen knives, sharpeners, blades, scissors, peeling knife, haircut knives, shaving knife (regardless of size are sensitive)


The quality of operation or the use of quality problems

Before purchasing any merchandise, each customer should review any additional terms on the goods provided by the vendor/ supplier. Do not assume any liability for any damage to the operation of the product itself (electronic product / machine / part / food valid probation period / product manual and appearance).


In addition, does not warrant or intellectual property as any product of any third party online shopping platform (vendor). At Asia5B's online purchase platform, you (the customer) agree to assume all risks and liabilities arising from your use of the products and services of third party platforms (manufacturers), and Asia5B is not responsible for any problems you use with these products and services. Asia5B is not responsible for the merchandise information / web content provided by the third party online shopping platform.


The refund policy (after-sales policy)

In the event of a product failure or quality, the customer must submit a return within seven (7) days of receipt of the package. If the customer cannot complete the submission within 7 days to return, you buy the goods (in the event of a bad situation) can not apply for return.


If you still want to return after 7 days, Asia5B will accept your application, but the final result will be subject to Asia5B's final decision. When you purchase sensitive goods such as electronic equipment, electronic products, food and liquids, it is recommended to purchase our Parcel Handling Guarantee. You should pay attention to the product function and the use of the rules (product use date, function and warranty), the Asia5B purchasing platform and the third party Chinese shopping platform is not any compensation policy agreement.


Purchasing warranty and complaints

Some of the product information displayed on the Asia5B purchasing platform page has been covered by warranty. Information about such warranties is provided by the manufacturer in a third-party shopping platform. 


The Asia5B shopping platform is not covered by a merchandise warranty or warranty for defective package (product features). So the function or appearance of the product, such as the repair, upgrade or other use of defective products, is not included in the warranty agreement. 


Customers must contact their third-party shopping platform to negotiate and arrange product maintenance. You can seek help from Asia5B customer service to get more information about the manufacturer / supplier.


Goods receipt notice (warm tips)

  1. Before the receipt of the goods to check whether the packaging is intact, parcel / box sealing is intact, sealing whether there are obvious traces of demolition.
  2. Whether or not found in the packaging has obvious damage or torn traces of the sign before the courier in front of the inspection, and make notes on the waybill to sign or have a direct refusal to sign.
  3. All packages of goods once signed on behalf of the delivery process have ended.
  4. After the receipt of the package, the goods if damaged or less, please keep the outer box (including the sealing of the strip) or the occurrence of defective goods need to return/ refund matters within 7 days after receipt of the application to return, overdue no longer accepted. In the process of applying for return to be provided goods status, physical photos and other information contact our staff as soon as possible to help you apply for compensation.



  1. Fragile or vulnerable packages are excluded in the damage claims coverage.
  2. Dangerous goods and contraband do not participate in the claims (eg: compressed gas, liquefied gas, flammable liquids, acid and alkaline corrosion products and other national ban products).
  3. The natural loss of goods, nature defects, characteristics, as well as the rise and fall of the market caused by the loss or expense.
  4. The goods in transit due to bad weather, lightning, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters caused by natural disasters, all or part of the loss.