Goods Return & Refund Policy

China's Domestic Return Package

In some cases, it may involve an International Carriage whereby some part of the product (parcel) fails the "Domestic Security Check in China" during customs inspection, this means, the entire parcel will be returned to the warehouse.

 All of the parcels shipped from China to Malaysia will have to go through China and Malaysia customs clearance inspection. The result of customs examination is considered by any special case/ non-conforming/ non-compliance with the package such as over size items, heavy weights, or contain sensitive materials.

There might be a delay in the delivery process (i.e. return of packages to the warehouse). Our customer service will notify you as soon as possible (via SMS or phone call) after we received any relevant information about your product(s) from the China side. We will re-arrange a free delivery service to you if you would like to return the parcel to the warehouse (excluding unqualified goods) or get a refund instead.


Malaysia Domestic Return Package (In Transit)

Once the parcel has been shipped back to the port of Malaysia, we will give a 100% of the compensation to your loss for the reasons such as "Malaysian International Security Fails" or "Parcel Delivery Lost/ Damages".


Transport guarantee (whether or not you have insurance coverage):

Asia5B will pay 100% of your loss (lost claim) if your parcel went missing during the transition. It will be refunded to your Asia5B's account in cash.


Malaysia Domestic Return Package (Goods Return)

**Tips: Please check if there is any serious damage to the packaging or goods that do not meet the receiving requirements before you sign off the parcel. If you found out there is any, you may reject the parcel directly and briedfly explain it to the courier delivery man.

When you receive the goods and found out that there is a damage or it is inconsistent with your order, please send an email/ leave a message at Live Chat to our customer service and briefly explain the problem or reason for a return. Go to "My Orders" and click "Apply for returns". Make sure you do provide a photo of the receipt and other relevant information (such as parcel number and order number description). Or, you may contact our customer service at +60 10 908 0255. 

 You will need to return the product(s) together with its original packaging back to our Customer Service Centre within seven working days, to:


Recipient:                 Asia5B Order Fulfilment Department 

Mailing address:       59 & 61, Tingkat Maju Jaya, 

                                      Pusat Perniagaan Maju Jaya, 

                                      Kampung Baru, 14000 Bukit Mertajam,

                                      Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.


OR you may send us the parcel personally to the adress above.


Note: You will need to bear the postage fees for all the return goods as well as the responsibility for the loss of parcel.

Based on the Goods Return and Refund Policy, you are required to return the defective goods back to us for an inspection before we can make a refund to you. We will make a refund to you within 20 days after we have received your Return Application Form.

If you faced any product quality problem after the use for some time, we can help you to contact the third party marketplace as long as the product is still within the quality guarantee period and the original proof of purchase and product quality assurance card. Or you may directly contact them for a refund or replacement. You should follow the specifications and methods of dealing with the product quality problems (as indicated in the product quality assurance card) by the third party marketplace vendor or manufacturer themselves. However, we cannot make any promise if it meets the requirement of the manufacturer.

If you require a courier service to send your parcel to the relevant Chinese's merchants for a repair or replacement of goods, you may look for us (Asia5B), we do provide a courier service. However, the shipping costs must be borne by customer. We reserce the rights to refuse the right to substitute this service for any goods that do not qualify for quality assurance.


Below are the circumstances that disqualified/ exempted for goods return: 

  1. The product has exceeded the limited return time.
  2. Information filled in good returns application are not clear or incomplete.
  3. Fail to provide the proof of purchase of goods.
  4. Unpacked items, such as software packages, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, etc.
  5. Set of goods cannot be partially returned with other component or accessories of the main product.
  6. Washable, wore goods that have been used, modified or damaged for your personal reasons
  7. Missing gifts, attachments included with the product
  8. Random gifts given
  9. The buyer has a large number of malicious returns or records
  10. Due to clearance or seasonal deal with the ultra-low discount products, such as goods page does not accept returns.
  11. Use of goods in ways that lead to bad health

Note: Accessories include but are not limited to: gifts, belts, shoulder straps, necklaces, brooches beautiful decorations, and with buckles, insoles and other accessories.

** We will retain the final decision, thank you for your cooperation and understanding.